What is Linguistic Debauchery?

Linguistic Debauchery was launched in March 2013 to provide high quality content to avid language learners and those not yet converted. At Linguistic Debauchery, we transgress the boundaries of conventionality by indulging into our passion: languages. This website covers a variety of topics including language learning tips for specific languages, language learning strategies and philosophies, as well as reviews of useful resources. We strive to adhere to the highest standards of excellence in language education.

Who is Bakhmut?

Linguistic Debauchery is not run by robots. My name is Paul (Pavlo) Bakhmut. I currently live and work in Edmonton, AB. I have a background in Philosophy (BA) and am currently working towards completing an MA in Applied Linguistics. I took languages and/or linguistic courses throughout my education at the University of Alberta, Harvard, the University of Warsaw and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. I have a life-long experience in language learning and provide expertise in Slavic languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish). I also teach Ukrainian at an IHLA member school since 2011.